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10 Center St. Suite 403 • Chicopee, MA 01013

Computer Renderings

3D photorealistic renderings

There is no question that computer generated renderings have become the standard to present new buildings or renovations to an interested party, and there is also no question that viewers respond to this imagery. Those that are done well will invoke excitement in your project, which can be an invaluable tool especially when presented to those who are providing funding or granting approvals.

We work to sustain that excitement by producing interesting and dynamic images using a combination of techniques such as creative lighting and shadows, physical props and reflection mapping. Detailed models and the extensive use of photography add realism to our scenes. Strategies such as these produce convincing, high quality images that best showcase your project.

Our images can help:

  • Municipal approvals
  • Board approvals
  • Public excitement
  • Convey design ideas
  • Secure funding
  • Obtain donations (for non-profit organizations)
  • Obtain building contracts

We invite you to browse our website to see how our varied services help professionals in the building industry, and then call (413) 594-1168, email, or use our contact page to discuss how our services can help you towards your building goals.